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Wet Location Exit/Emergency Combination-CWLXT
Model:  CWLXTE

LED series exit sign/emergency lighting unit featuring an enclosure resistant to corrosive atmospheres,
non-hazardous dust environments, water spray or splashing water.

Features At-A-Glance:
Rugged, durable design with LED technology and two positionable lamp heads.
Resistant to corrosives, dust, moisture, and water spray.
Meets NFPA Life Safety 101, NEC, OSHA, local and state regualtions.
AC only or Battery Backup models available (Battery Backup specify EM).

Listings & Certifications: UL, ETL
Removable directional indicators.
Extremely low operating costs.
80-year light source expectency.
Meets NFPA Life Safety 101, NEC, OSHA, local and state regulations.
AC only or self-powered models.
Universal 120/277 VAC operation.
Two positionable, weather/environment proof lamp heads.

Ordering Information:

Series                 Letter Color                          Operation                           Nema Classification
CWKXTE                R = Red                       EM = Battery Backup          NEMA = NEMA approved specs
                             G = Green                   Blank = AC only                  Blank = Non-NEMA specs

Example: WLSLX-R-EM-NEMA (Red Letters, Battery Backup, NEMA Classified)

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