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Diecast Exit-KXTE
Model:   KXTE

Description: LED cast aluminum series utilizes a unique illumination design in an architecturally pleasing housing.

Features At-A-Glance:
Unique curved design with LED technology.
Cast aluminum housing.
Universal canopy included.
AC or Battery Backup units available.

Listings & Certifications:  UL, ETL
AC only or Battery Backup models available (Battery Backup = Add EM).
Universal 120/277 VAC operation on all models.
LED energy savings.
Damp location rated.
Universal canopy included.
Curved design.
Spec grade die-cast aluminum housing.
Universal K/O chevrons.

Ordering Information:
Series         Canopy            Number of faces           Letter Color           Housing Finish               Face Color                        Operation
KXTE        U = Universal     1 = Single face (Only)     R = Red         A = Brushed Aluminum    A = Brushed Aluminum    EM = Battery Backup
                                                                               G = Green      B = Black                           B = Black                         Blank = AC only
                                                                               W = White     W = White  
Example: KXTE-U-1-R-B-A-EM (Red Letters, Black Housing, Brushed Aluminum Face, Battery Backup)

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