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Decorative Emergency


Model:  R2

Compact economical unit, installs easy and has a low profile appearance.
Features At-A-Glance: 
Completely self-contained.
Fully automatic operation.
Charge rate/power on LED indicator light.
Push to test switch.
Listings & Certifications: 
Completely self-conatined.
Fully automatic operation.
Compact, low profile design in a neutral finish.
Push to test switch.
6-Volt premium grade, pure lead, maintenance-free battery with 10-year expeced life.
Environmentally-coated, solid state charger.
 Automatic, low voltage disconnect (LVD).
Universal transformer for 120 or 277 VAC.
Injection molded, V-O flame retardant, high impact, thermoplastic housing.
Charge rate/power on LED indicator light.
Listed for damp locations.
Ordering Information: 

Series         Color            Power Chord         Emergency Operation         Voltage          Input Lamp Wattage        Battery Volt          Damp Location
   R2         B = Black           C = Chord                        90 Min.                   120v/277v                   2x5.4w                             6v                         Yes       
                Blank = White

Example: R2-B-C (BLack Unit w/ Chord) 

Vision Lighting, Inc.

Series R2 (Decorative Emergency)